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Pa'Auilo Chocolate

Kava Calming Chocolate Bar

Kava Calming Chocolate Bar

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Rich, dark and delicious these small-batch chocolate bars are made with locally grown Cacao and calming Kava Root. Lovingly blended with aromatic Hawaiian vanilla and organic sugar each bar contains 750 mg of Kava root to help you have a mellow euphoric day. 

Herbal Ally Highlight:

  • Cacao may help boost serotonin and is high in antioxidants.
  • Kava Kava may reduce anxiety, promote restful sleep and increase euphoria

Suggested RitualBreak off a piece or two from this decadent chocolate and allow the natural properties of Kava to mellow your mood and add a hint of relaxation to your day- or night! For your nighttime routine, we love to pair this with our Sleep Well Formula and Dream Elixir and for a fun day-time feel we love to use this with the Happiness Tonic.

Size: .88 oz (25 grams)

Ingredients:  Hawaiian Cacao, and Cacao Butter, Hawaiian Kava Root, Hawaiian Vanilla, Organic sugar.   Each bar contains 750mg of Kava, and each individual piece contains roughly 150mg of Kava.

Meet the Maker: Joshua Yang combines his experience as a farmer and a chocolatier into a lifetime passion of crafting small-batch chocolates with Kava root, grown on his own local farm. His dedication to cacao and Kava is unique, and we adore his storytelling and education on the history of the land in and around his farm in Hawaii

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