Celebrating the Power of Plants for Conscious Living ~
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Celebrating the Power of Plants for Conscious Living

This is an all-organic elixir crafted to combat insomnia, promote deep sleep, and encourage lucid dreaming. The synergistic blend is composed of botanicals across time, herbs that have been used by monks, shamans, and scientists for their deeply restorative properties on the hypothalamus -- a pearl sized control center in the brain that directs the body's most important functions. These herbs regulate the stress impacted onto neurological networks, creating a more relaxed and peaceful body and mind.

Contains: Kalia, Ashwagandha, Passionflower, Kava Kava, Guayusa, Blue Lotus, Ginger, and Cinnamon Bark.

Available in small (1 fl. oz.) and large (4 fl. oz.) sizes.

Directions:  Shake the bottle well.  Ideal usage is one or two tablespoons before bed. You can take this straight or mix it with tea or juice. If taken during the day, it's best well before or after meals.

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