The Alchemist's Kitchen Discover How Plants Can Help You Heal

Part holistic café, part beauty & wellness boutique, The Alchemist’s Kitchen has everything...

Find the best gifts at The Alchemists' Kitchen...Lots of good vibes in there.

The elixirs can be added to sparkling water, teas, coffees, kombucha, milks & very pretty infusions

A place where sustainability, beauty, and wellness intersect...

CBD Oil Guide
for Plant-Based Wellness

Cannabis has been used as a plant-based medicine for centuries. Now we're introducing cannabidiol and CBD oil into our modern herbal remedies. This guide walks you through understanding CBD and its effects before trying it in your wellness routine.

The Rebel's Apothecary
Jenny Sansouci

A self paced course that explores the powerful benefits of CBD & Medicinal Mushrooms. Discover how you can become your own alchemist and create your own Rebel’s Apothecary.

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