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Plant Alchemy Collection

Why Plant Alchemy CBD Products are Best for You

Plant Alchemy CBD is carefully and intentionally prepared. Our products are cultivated from organic flower grown outdoors or in greenhouses using all of the plant's natural terpenes and phytocannabinoids to deliver a full spectrum and whole plant formulation, maximizing the medicinal benefits. All CBD products are certified and tested by third party laboratories. Plant Alchemy uses both CO2 and ethanol extraction methods to ensure our concentrations are of the highest quality and potency. In a world with a myriad of CBD options, our remedies are of unparalleled standard and social commitment.

Where is Plant Alchemy CBD Sourced From?

Our plants are grown in both outdoor field and greenhouse environments in Colorado and New York State. Our hemp is cultivated using living soil organic principles, leveraging strictly organic inputs and in full compliance with the controls defined by the New York State and Colorado Departments of Agriculture. Our botanical strains offer some of the highest CBD cannabis varieties currently known.

What is the Extraction Process for Plant Alchemy CBD Products?

All of our extracts are produced in a state-of-the-art laboratory and are free of any residual solvents for the purest oil possible. Our extraction facilities are one of the very few licensed and certified facilities in the State of Colorado focused on whole-plant, non-psychotropic non-intoxicating cannabinoid processing of botanical material.

Are Plant Alchemy CBD Products Organic?

All our plants are organic and grown using a true living organic cultivation methodology. We feed the soil so the soil can feed the plants.

Are Plant Alchemy CBD Products Sustainably Grown?

Local inputs are leveraged wherever possible to avoid the carbon impact associated with shipping amendments across the country/world. Cultivation environments are operated on closed-loop permaculture principles to recycle and reuse wherever possible.

Are Plant Alchemy CBD Products Free of Pesticides?

We pride ourselves on the cleanliness and consistency of our products – whether in botanical form or concentrated oils. All essential oils and biological pesticides used are OMRI certified and are non-toxic. All products are tested by 3rd party analytical labs using a variety of testing methodologies and are free from pesticides, molds and harmful microbes.

What is the Potency Range for Plant Alchemy CBD?

We presently offer four levels of potency for our full spectrum, organic, hemp-derived Plant Alchemy CBD Concentrated Oils. Our oils have 4x the cannabidiol concentration over most foreign sourced hemp products in the market today.

Our Plant Alchemy Concentrated Oil suggested dosage servings are measured by individual drops for each concentration as shown below:

  • 165 mg, 330 mg, 500 mg ≈ 2 mg per drop
  • 750 mg ≈ 3 mg per drop
  • 1,000 mg ≈ 4 mg per drop
  • 1,500 mg ≈ 5 mg per drop
  • 2,000 mg ≈ 6 mg per drop (our new Extra Strength concentration)

Is it Legal to Buy Plant Alchemy CBD Products in all States?

As long as CBD products contain no more than 0.3% of THC, they can be shipped across states and we will ship internationally to private individuals upon request. Plant Alchemy CBD products are fully tested and verified by third-party analytical labs, and contain no more than 0.3% of THC, which is the legal limit for THC in CBD. Therefore, shipping our product from state to state is legal.

CBD is legal to be purchased in all 50 states of the U.S. under the 2014 Farm Bill when grown from certified hemp farms. Plant Alchemy CBD products are cultivated from cannabis-rich full spectrum flower, fully tested and verified by third party analytical labs, and contains no more than 0.3% of THC, which is the legal limit for THC in CBD.

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