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The Rebel's Apothecary
Jenny Sansouci

Wouldn’t you love to be able to help yourself, your friends, or your family, by truly understanding the benefits of cannabis, CBD and mushrooms?

As cannabis legalization becomes more widespread and mushrooms rise to stardom, their powerful therapeutic benefits can no longer be ignored.

Cannabis and mushrooms are staged to become some of the most groundbreaking plant medicines for human health.

In this series, we’ll explore the different ways to get back to our healing roots by incorporating cannabis and mushrooms into our daily lives. You’ll learn:

How to create your own “Rebel’s Apothecary”

How to use plants and fungi without intoxicating effects

Best practices for using plants for more serious conditions like cancer, and managing the side effects of chemotherapy

The therapeutic benefits of magic mushrooms, the current research and changing legality, and harm reduction

What You'll Learn

The medicine inside the cannabis plant – THC, CBD, and other medicinal compounds

The 7 most potent medicinal mushrooms in the mushroom kingdom

Creating your own “rebel’s apothecary” at home + cooking with cannabis and mushrooms

Micro-dosing vs. therapeutic dosing for depression and deep inner work

About The Rebel's Apothecary with Jenny Sansouci

Class 1 | Cannabis & CBD 101

In this class, you’ll learn about the different medicinal compounds in the cannabis plant, the difference between CBD and THC, and how cannabis works in the body. You’ll learn to use CBD and cannabis for everyday wellness concerns like sleep, anxiety, and pain, as well as how medical cannabis is used for more serious conditions like cancer and alleviating the side effects of chemotherapy. We’ll explore how to find your therapeutic dose, and how to navigate using cannabis for wellness safely, without intoxicating effects.


Class 2 | Meet the Medicinal Mushrooms

In this class, you’ll learn about the 7 most potent medicinal mushrooms in the mushroom kingdom, and how they can be used to strengthen your immune system, lower inflammation, prevent disease, sharpen your mind, give you more energy, calm your nervous system, boost your sex drive, and potentially help with more serious conditions like cancer treatment.

We’ll cover dosing with medicinal mushrooms, how to get started with each mushroom, and which medicinal mushrooms might be right for you at this time depending on your unique needs.

Class 3 | Everyday Rebels: Cannabis and Mushrooms in Your Daily Routine

Now that you’ve gotten acquainted with the medicinal properties of these plants and fungi, we’ll cover exactly how to incorporate them into your everyday life.

We’ll cover how to shop for products, what to look for on labels, the different methods of delivery for cannabis and mushrooms and what each is most commonly used for. We’ll also go over cooking with cannabis and mushrooms and tips and tricks for easily adding more plant medicine into your meals and drinks.

Class 4 | Magic Mushrooms: The Case for Psilocybin

In this class, we’ll learn about the changing legality of psilocybin and what this could mean for us as far as access and healing potential. We’ll cover both micro-dosing and therapeutic “macro” dosing, what the differences are, and exactly how researchers are using psilocybin in therapeutic settings. We’ll cover the importance of set, setting, and intentions in ceremonial mushroom journeys for doing deep inner work, and harm reduction tips for using psilocybin safely.

Your Host:

Jenny Sansouci

Jenny Sansouci is the author of The Rebel’s Apothecary: A Practical Guide to the Healing Magic of Cannabis, CBD, and Mushrooms. Jenny is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has been trained by functional medicine doctor Frank Lipman, MD, in New York City.

When Jenny learned that her father was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in 2017, her knowledge of the latest alternative therapies was put to the test. Jenny dove into the world of cannabis and mushrooms and their medicinal properties – and she and her dad are now outspoken champions of the healing power of these plants and fungi – not only to tame the side effects of chemotherapy, but to address everyday wellness concerns.The Rebel’s Apothecary is the result of her heartfelt and rigorous quest — a science-based and supportive guide that will enhance the lives of anyone living with pain, anxiety, depression, a weakened immune system, insomnia, and more. Complete with background information, dosing instructions, and everyday recipes, this is the essential handbook for harnessing the ancient healing powers of cannabis and mushrooms safely, without confusion, fear, or an unwanted high.

Website: Healthy Crush
IG: @jennysansouci


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