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As we head into the holiday season for 2020, our tradition of gathering with family and friends is abruptly constrained, keeping us home and away from those we cherish and love. Isolation and the lack of connection are heightened, which naturally lead to increased levels of emotional and mental duress.

Perhaps, we can find solace by acknowledging this shared experience with so many in our community.

To realize our interconnectedness and the fragility of our humanity is a sign of light not darkness.

To listen more closely to those who are at odds with our point of view.

To practice the art of healing with poems, songs, and words of encouragement.

To dig deeper to offer help to those in need. To give gifts that resonate with health and wellness.

We hope this gently curated collection of staff favorites and best sellers may offer a gift-giving inspiration and remember that self-transformation is always the perfect and the most alchemical gift.

Season of Gratitude

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