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Breu Resin Ayahuasca Incense

Breu Resin Ayahuasca Incense

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Carefully extracted from the Almacega tree of the Amazon rainforest, Breu Resin is used in healing rituals to ward off dark spirits and invite good energy. Known for its use in Ayahuasca brewing ceremonies, burning this Incense may help to soothe respiratory trouble, stomach aches, and liver function and promote mental acuity. Availability is seasonal and the gathering and formulation are highly premium and sacred in spirit and homage to indigenous ancestral roots.

These sticks are available in full-sized boxes or half-bundles.  

(Part of a special Collection including Chacrona Jagube Incense and Palo Santo Incense )

Ensuring fair trade practices from sourcing to fulfillment, Incausa coordinates the creation of handmade incense in South America. This product is free of chemicals, synthetic perfumes, and dyes.

Suggested Use:  Place the tip of the incense stick in a flame until it catches fire. The flame will die out quickly and the embers will remain. Excellent to cleanse for rituals like divination as well as meditation, yoga, and other practices. It is recommended to use a fireproof bowl or plate to catch the embers and ashes. When finished, tamp out the incense in a heatproof bowl. Do not leave burning and unattended.

Box Size: Comes with 9 compressed incense sticks

Meet the Maker: Incausa is a Brooklyn-based company working directly with indigenous communities. Their indigenous pro-bono mission transforms customers into benefactors which allow for sustainable giving versus fundraising! When you purchase any indigenous piece you are directly supporting the marketplace's existence and a sustainable chain of commerce! This offers economic autonomy to indigenous artisans. Incausa works with these and more indigenous communities: The Xavante, Yanomami, Mehinako, Yawalapiti, Kraho, Cinta Larga, Kaiapo, and more!

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