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Nicolás Rosenfield x The Alchemist's Kitchen

Terence McKenna Memorial Art Print

Terence McKenna Memorial Art Print

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This print by Argentine Artist Nicolás Rosenfield is a vivid and stunning commemorative portrait of the legendary Ethnobotanist and Pyschedellics advocate Terence McKenna. Paradoxically Terence was rarely professionally photographed despite his underground fame and renown.

The fine artistry of this print is shown through the Giclee (pronounced zhee'clay) method which originated in France meaning to spray and is considered the superior form of printing. This is a Limited Edition Print.

About Terence Kemp McKenna: (November 16th, 1946-April 3rd, 2000) Terence was a North American Philosopher, Ethnobotanist, and Writer who proudly advocated the path of the shaman and the power of hallucinogenic substances (mainly plant based) to increase consciousness and healing. Unquestionably the most legendary thought leader of our time providing continuous inspiration for all seeking growth and insights into cultural history. He was an embodiment of the power of plants.  

Pairs well with: Equilibrium Tincture, and Entangled Life

Size: 17" x 22". Etching Rag Canson Fiber Infinity Matte Paper Edition (310g) 

Meet the Artist: Nicolás Rosenfield is a prolific Pyschedelic Artist from Sante Fe Argentina. Showing a deep seeded passion for illustrations and art since infancy Nicolás transforms bizarre dreams and realities into art laced with sacred plants, and alchemical symbolism as well as vibrant and vivid portraits that incorporate clues into the lives of the subject.

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