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The Alchemist's Kitchen



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The Metaphysik Deck is a new offering from artist Daniel Martin Diaz. Based in Tucson, Arizona, Daniel Martin Diaz is a fine artist with an insatiable curiosity to explore the mysteries of life and science. 

Unleash the potential of your mind and tap into the mystical realm to unveil a fresh and innovative path towards problem-solving

What's Inside:  Gold Edition

54-Card Deck in Tuck Box | 3" x 5"

Premium Quality Bone White Linen Material, Embellished with Gold Ink & Gold Foil Edging

Includes Bonus Sun and Moon Card along with a Concise 2-Page Informational Booklet

 The Philosophy of the Deck: Connecting The Unrelated:

Establishing a link between seemingly unrelated concepts or ideas requires stepping out of the familiar and embracing the unconventional. The initial moments of making these novel connections might feel uneasy or peculiar, but this tension ultimately leads to moments of revelation and enchantment. It catches us off guard and allows us to perceive the world from a fresh perspective. This constructive challenge to the status quo and societal norms encourages creativity and self-discovery in various aspects of our lives. As we achieve these unforeseen breakthroughs, we open ourselves to greater personal growth and innovative possibilities. So how do we break free from familiar patterns and limitations? How can we craft new myths and visions? How do we escape our habitual ways of thinking? Metaphysik provides a means to dismantle the customary frameworks that we become accustomed to, serving as a tool to awaken the subconscious and ignite the innate creative energy within us all.

By engaging with Metaphysik, you allow yourself to momentarily suspend reality. You can embark on this journey solo or join forces with a group of fellow explorers. As you draw the cards, you'll find "connection points" that help weave them together. The patterns that emerge may initially appear abstract and cryptic, but as you work your way through the deck, a metaphorical apparatus or mechanism will take shape. As you lay out the cards, release any restrictive thoughts and detach yourself from ego-driven constraints. Trust your intuition as you form connections, gradually building a grander image—a metaphysical blueprint that delves into the enigmatic nature of the divine. Metaphysik invites you to step out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in the mystical aspects of everyday life.

About the Artist:

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Daniel Martin Diaz is a fine artist with an insatiable curiosity to explore the mysteries of life and science. His work has been exhibited worldwide and has been published in LA Times, NY Times, Juxtapoz, High Fructose, and Low Rider Magazine, and four personal art books. Diaz has designed artwork for large public art projects in the US and has won many awards such as a gold and platinum record designed for Atlantic Records.   

"Art is a reflection of ourselves, the story of humanity, and a quest to understand the physical and metaphysical world. As we try to understand our place in the universe, art can be an important part of the dialogue we can create and share with each other. In my work, I seek to reveal the mysterious with arcane imagery and techniques that make sense to me on a deep level that words cannot quantify. There is an underlying dichotomy of the power of technology and our quantum connection to our Universe. How might our use or misuse of technology permanently alter the future of humanity, and what is our personal responsibility for our effect on the world and on each other? It is my attempt to capture the complexity and beauty of the underlying mechanisms that bind us in an emotion."

"Over the past few years, I have become immersed in scientific and philosophical concepts, such as Anatomy, Computer Science, Math, Cosmology, Biology, Quantum Physics, and Consciousness. I have been particularly fascinated with scientific diagrams, which explain theories and properties through imagery. Although these rudimentary images are without any leanings toward aesthetics, I find them to be beautiful, though that is not the intention. All of the projects I have created begin as drawings, which I feel have a beauty and intimacy that painting cannot capture. The subtle lines that graphite creates, and the quickness in which one can capture an idea makes this medium alluring."


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