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Heretic Parfum

Dirty Coconut Parfum

Dirty Coconut Parfum

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Heretics Parfums was founded by perfumer Douglas Little, to disrupt the status quo by focusing on botanical ingredients that are inspired by Ayurvedic benefits derived from plants. Each fragrance is vegan, blended in organic non-GMO alcohol extraction, without synthetics, offering exceptional quality.

Heretic fragrances are lighter on the skin as there are no additives that artificially extend the wear. The perfumery encourages periodic reapplication of their fragrances as needed. Devotees often add to the intensity with a layering of more than one fragrance to create a scent that can become a signature for you.

How to Use: To increase staying power, we recommend re-applying Heretic fragrance periodically throughout the day

Size: 15ml and 50ml

TOP: Cedar, Vanillin (derived from clove)

HEART: Coconut CO2

BASE: Sandalwood, Vanilla Absolute, Ambrettolide

Meet The Maker: Heretic genderless fragrances surpass all industry standards of “clean” with their plant-based ingredients blended in organic, non-GMO sugarcane alcohol.

What you smell is alive with nature's power, and when your fragrances combine with your unique personal scent, olfactory magic happens.  

Curious? Keep growing your knowledge through our Wisdom blog here or Check out our Herbal Glossary 

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