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CBD Bath Salts - 100 mg

CBD Bath Salts - 100 mg

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Vertly is an elegant but intimate whole plant beauty lab producing bath salts to soothe a tired, stressed-out body, or perhaps one in need of a little self-love.

Vertly Bath Salts is the dose of wellness you deserve. This clean skincare product features a unique combination of natural healing salts, botanical infusions (think marjoram, yarrow and rosemary) and cannabinoids formulated to calm the mind and body.

Vertly signature CBD helps with aches and soreness whether due to exercise, travel or the daily stresses of life, while active botanicals soothe muscles and stimulate circulation. Top it off with calming essential oil blends of lavender, lemon and clary sage and you've got good vibes right in your tub. Go ahead, soothe yourself.

Each 10 oz pouch contains 100 mg full spectrum hemp-derived CBD.

Ingredients:  Made with a soothing, anti-inflammatory blend of Dead Sea Salts, Magnesium, slow-extracted Arnica Flower, Clary Sage and Lavender. Calming waves of Epsom salts, MSM and 100 mg of hemp soothe tired muscles, detoxify your skin and help you recover after a long day.

Please review our product disclaimer on medicinal CBD products here.

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