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Three Sister's Burn Bundle

WolfWalker Collection

This trifecta combination of cedar, sage, and New Mexican sweetgrass are uniquely suited to clear out and refresh the energy within you and your surroundings. Smudging is an act of purification to help clear out negative energies and blockages. The result is a calm, clear mind and space where you set intentions, establish more intimacy within your home, and connect with your intuition, and spirit guides.

Suggested Use:  Place the tip of the bundle in a flame until it catches fire. The flame will die out quickly and the embers will remain. It is recommended to use a fireproof bowl or plate to catch the embers and ashes. When finished, tamp out the herbs in a bowl, sand or on the cleared ground, and then leave it in a heatproof container.

Ingredients:  Cedar, Sage, Sweetgrass

Meet the Maker:  Wendy Whiteman is the founder of Wolf Walker Collection based in Taos, New Mexico. Her company provides sacred herbs, essential oils, and ceremonial products, mostly grown and harvested by Native Americans and members of the Taos Pueblo.