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Star Water Spirt Mister


"We are stardust, We are golden"

An aromatic flower essence mist that helps lighten the weight of everyday stressors, reawaken your work as a cosmic being walking this earth, and invoke a magical sense of purpose.

With essences of high desert starlight, starflower, shooting star, cosmos, and woodland star, essential oils of neroli, jasmine, and fennel, and gem essences of quartz crystal and wild New Mexico mica.

From our collection of hydrosol misters seasonally prepared by our friends out in Taos, New Mexico. Star Water is your trusted herbal ally when seeking connection with the galaxies and the cosmic spirit you are. 

Suggested Use:  Mist your body and face as necessary

Ingredients: Oils of neroli, jasmine, fennel, gem essence of quartz, and wild New Mexican Mica. 

Size: 2 fluid ounces(60 ml)

Meet the Maker:  Plantfolk Apothecary was founded in 2010 by herbalist Kate Clearlight. Some of her training includes the life-changing Roots program at the California School of Herbal Studies, as well as completing an advanced apprenticeship with the magical herbalist Rosemary Gladstar of Sage Mountain. Plantfolk's botanical creations are crafted in mindfulness and gratitude from the purest ingredients available, using a variety of sustainably, ethically, organically, and locally-sourced herbs oils, waxes, essential oils, clays, botanical extracts, and hydrosols.