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Rose Heart Opening Powder

Anima Mundi

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Rose (Rosoideae) has been cherished throughout generations for its heart-opening properties. This magical nervine is excellent for brightening and uplifting the mood and remedying depression. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shen is the heart and in Unani (Greek-Arabic medicine) its called pneuma in both the heart is seen as the soul of consciousness. This tonic is antispasmodic, antiinflammatory and is also known as a potent aphrodisiac as well as hormone and menstrual regulator. High in Vitamin C this immune booster and blood builder also aids in stimulating digestion!

This organic rose is sustainably harvested using fair trade practices. The corner .2.5oz (47 servings)

Ingredients: Organic rose petal powder.

Suggested Use: Add 1/2tsp directly in 8 ounces of warm water (8oz). Can also be added into your choice of tea, milk, latte, smoothie, savory and sweet foods, and beyond!

Other Uses: To make rose water, add 1/2tsp in 8oz of warm water (not boiling to prevent bitterness and loss of medicinal properties) steep 8-10min (or longer). Once it has cooled off, place in the fridge to then drink chilled. Enjoy!

Meet the Maker: Anima Mundis's mission is to preserve the practices of ancient botanists through indigenous wisdom this NYC based apothecary with roots in Costa Rica specializes in sourcing directly through native people. Anima Mundi supports fair trade practices, permacultural outreach and empowers small businesses.