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Duncan Shotton Studio

Rainbow Pencil Set

Rainbow Pencil Set

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Duncan Shotton designs and produces a beautiful curation of lifestyle gifts with an eye toward sustainability and conscious living. We simply adore his rainbow pencils which come in a set of three. 

Made from recycled paper, these rainbow pencils let you create beautiful paper rainbows when you sharpen them. They function just like regular wooden pencils, but they’re not made from wood, they’re made from multiple layers of recycled waste paper. So the shavings /sharpenings look like rainbows!! So Cool.

Making Rainbows:
You don’t need a special sharpener to make rainbows, but a sharp, good-quality one will help you make better ones. To improve your rainbows, you can try sharpening from the other end of the pencil, using a better sharpener, or applying a more constant force when turning the pencil.

Trying to make the perfect rainbow is all part of the fun!

Each pencil is printed with logo on one side and “rainbow pencil by duncan shotton” on the other. The outer (black, white or light grey) layers of each pencil are also made from recycled paper. The finish of each pencil is therefore never ‘perfect’ and will contain marks and imperfections, as is the standard of recycled paper.

Standard HB (#2 US)

Country of manufacture
South Korea

Size & Weight
3-pack = 178mm x 25mm x 8.5mm / 25g

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