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Strathcona 1890

Plant Tonic For Plants

Plant Tonic For Plants

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Here is a special ally for your plants and gardens from Judy Kinzie, our friend in British Columbia!

Plant Tonic is made from the fast-growing tips of the Giant Pacific Ocean Kelp from the cold, pristine, and secluded waters of coastal British Columbia.  This giant kelp is the fastest-growing plant known, growing up to 3 feet per day!  Harvesting takes place in late spring and again in early fall (to protect indigenous species).  Only the actively growing portion of the plant-the top 2 to 4 meters-is selected.

This nutrient is easily applied by watering cans, spray, and drip watering systems. Notably, it is natural, organic, and 100% environmentally friendly. It is also biodegradable, safe for pets, and leaves no residue.  It will improve crop quality and yield. Ideal for shrubs, bedding plants, trees, and hanging baskets. Use it on indoor herbal grows, and plants. You can spray it on your compost to accelerate the process.

 Size: 100ml


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