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Plant Magic:

Plant Magic:

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It's a wild plant world, we're just living in it! Plant Magic: Herbalism In Real life will help you reset and understand the kingdom living right outside your door. Learn their environment, how to respect them, and respectfully engage and co-exist. With a modern and irreverent intro to healing herbs this book is part crash course, part field guide (includes over 20 plant profiles), and part culinary how-to. Christine reminds us that medicine can be a treat not a punishment. Certain to delight anyone curious about the healing properties of plants and how to work and cook with them you will learn how to wild-craft safely and respectfully whilst becoming a steward for the environment.

Laying down the groundwork for at-home herbalism Buckley explains how to coexist with western medicine and provides instructions on how to make your own balms, teas, ointments, facial steams, and highlights how to eat and drink these medicinal plants as well. From garlicky chicken stock for the immune system to cinnamon lattes for circulation and stomach ease, even a rose petal spread. The recipes are clearly written by someone who speaks the language of food with a passion for medicine. With plants that taste or feel this delicious you might just forget they're also good for you!

Meet The Author:  Christine Buckley is a Community Herbalist, writer, and professional cook connecting people to themselves, plants, the planet and others. Before devoting herself to Herbalism Christine cooked and baked alongside notable and influential chefs and bakers in New York City and Detroit. She worked as a food stylist and was always been inspired and respectful of plants. Her herbalism practice is layered with deep attention to food, flavor, and pleasure. She writes for Healthyish, Kitchn, Mind Body Green, and Well & Good and is based in Virginia.

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