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Sun Potion

Pine Pollen Longevity Tonic & Aphrodisiac

Pine Pollen Longevity Tonic & Aphrodisiac

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While entering all five meridians of the body this potent longevity and aphrodisiac tonic offers multi-directional hormone support. With regular consumption, Pine Pollen (Pinus massoniana) can enhance whole body function with its many adaptogenic properties. Native to Asia, and Western Europe this majestic pine has high amounts of xenoestrogens yielding what's considered to be an androgenic food.

Healing Benefits:

  • Helps balance hormonal fluctuations that come with age.
  • Supports hormonal balance in men and women.
  • Boosts Metabolism, Endurance and Libido.
  • Detoxifies and supports the Liver.
  • Protects the Cardiovascular system, circulation and reduces cholesterol.
  • Aids in supporting healthy metabolic function and immune responses.

Suggested Use:  Mix .5- 1 grams (1/4 tsp.) in warm water or tea, 1-2 times daily. Great added to soups, raw treats, smoothies, raw chocolate, and more. (Suggested Serving 1/2 tsp - .5 gram)

Consult with your doctor before taking if you have allergies to pollen or trees. 

Size: 1.16 ounces (33 grams). 68 servings.

Ingredients:  Single origin Mason Pine Pollen, collected in the high altitudes of the  Yunnan Province, China. All organic, and wildcrafted.*

Meet the maker: Sun Potion is inspired and dedicated to health, happiness and well being. Their passion for Organic and wildcrafted medicinal herbs are lovingly and energetically linked to their tonics, elixirs and single-sourced transformational products. Sun Potion is based out of sunny Santa Barabara, California!

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If pregnant, consult a physician before use.

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