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Palo Santo Mayan Copal Incense

Palo Santo Mayan Copal Incense

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    Our Palo Santo and Mayan Copal natural incense are thick sticks, twice the size of traditional incense sticks. While most incense will burn for approximately 30 minutes, these will burn for approximately 1 hour.

    The quality of these sticks is superb. They are perfect to light just before meditation, or bedtime  to cleanse and clear your home or work space of unwanted energies. 

    Palo Santo is a mystical tree that can be found on the coasts of South American and Central America. Highly regarded for its pleasant, slightly sweet and citrus scent. 

    This blend has been traditionally used by healers to call upon protection, and connection with optimism, and inner strength.

    Mayan Copal is sourced from a small tribal cooperative in Peru. It is intended to assist with focus and replenish the energy in spaces throughout the home. 


    • Palo Santo clears the energy in a space and brings in the vibration of universal love and peace
    • Mayan Copal focuses energy and supports self-worth and resiliency
    • Burn for protection, cleansing, and air purification
    • Great for meditation and relaxation
    • Handmade, hand rolled and hand packaged
    • Only the finest herbs and resins are used
    • Burn well over an hour (depending on room conditions)

    Size: Pack of 12  10.5" Long Incense Sticks with a thickness double the size of conventional incense. Burning time of 1-2 hours (Depending on the room's conditions like wind)


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