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Ameret, meaning good moodis formulated with naturally occurring organic extracts of Espand, an ancestral plant also known as Syrian Rue, which is believed to be a fundamental ingredient in a variety of sacred potions concocted by the Zoroastrian, and Taoist Priests of Ancient Persia, and India. These potions may also be referred to as Haoma and were used ritually in pursuit of deeper wisdom, insights, and longevity.

Ameret Neurogenesis is formulated to contain a precise sub-perceptual microsdose of select beta-carbolines blended with natural extracts of grapefruit and pomegranate. These citrus extracts have been cultivated for thousands of years and possess an abundance of antioxidants that improve the bioavailability and absorption of the Espand-derived Beta- carbolines. The formulation is intended to provide a fast-acting response to cerebral inflammation, and stimulate neurogenesis, the regeneration of neurons in the brain, which may improve mood, and creativity, cumulative benefits that are realized over time.

In recent studies in neurochemistry, scientists have identified that Espand is an abundant source of Beta-carbolines, which have psychoactive and neuroprotective properties. Beta-carbolines are unique neuromodulators and are found naturally in a few plants, including Espand, the ancestral Amazonian plant and one of the main ingredients in the psychedelic brew Ayahuasca.

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