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The New New Age

Mushroom Milk

Mushroom Milk

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Our friends in Canada operate a farm producing small-batch medicinal herbal formulations which we admire and offer here. This potent blend of organic coconut milk and six powerful mushroom extracts elevate mind, body, and spirit. Cinnamon and coconut are blended with Chaga, Reishi, Lions Mane, and the other potent extracts focused to strengthen your immune system.

Add this powder to a warm (or cool) beverage of your choice for a creamy, activating tonic that will keep you feeling protected all day long.

Product Benefits/Highlights/Claims: Immune support, adaptogenic support, energy-boosting

Pairs well with: Chaga Triple Action Powder and Lucid Dreaming Tea

Use/Suggested Ritual: Add 1-2 tablespoons of Mushroom Milk to your desired warm or cool beverage. This blend pairs well with teas, coffee, smoothies, and cocoa and can even be used with water for a pre-workout boost!

Size/Dimensions: 70 Grams

Ingredients: coconut milk powder (Cocos nucifera, tapioca, acacia gum), organic cinnamon, organic reishi dual extract, organic Chaga dual extract, organic Coriolus dual extract, organic cordyceps extract, organic lion's mane extract, organic maitake extract.

All ingredients are either permacultural grown, ethically wild-harvested, or certified organic.

Meet the Maker/Author: THE NEW NEW AGE is a medicinal herb farm and nature sanctuary located in the Otter River Valley of Southwestern Ontario, Canada, where we grow, forage and produce transcendent, healing herbal products.

Please review our product disclaimer on medicinal products here.

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