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Little Garden Gems

Lucid Dream Pillow

Lucid Dream Pillow

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The practice of placing herbs under one’s pillow dates back centuries and was originally thought to protect against evil and stimulate happy dreams. Lavender is the most well-known herbal remedy for easing anxiety and insomnia. This modern-day "dream pillow" is filled with the sweet-smelling combination of natural lavender buds, mojito mint, and wild honeysuckle, wrapped in linen and hand-stamped, "Lucid Dream". 

Our Lucid Dream Pillows were crafted by Kim Pursche, a gardener and textile artist with lavender freshly gathered on her farm.

Intended Use: Place it underneath, inside, or beside your pillow before bedtime to promote relaxation and peaceful sleep. Occasionally scrunch the sachet to refresh the scent and enjoy a good night's sleep!

Size: 4.5" in width and 3.5" in length.


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