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Kanna "Focus" Capsules

Kanna "Focus" Capsules

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These Kanna Capsules combine Kanna with botanical herbs, mushrooms & empathogens to formulate a contemporary microdosing regimen for health and healing. With all the stress we face in a busy modern-day lifestyle,  Kanna Focus is an excellent remedy to relieve brain fog and sharpen concentration.  Incorporating "Focus" into your microdosing protocol is an optimal way to strengthen cognitive health.

For daily support for concentration and energy.*

Size: 20 capsules - 25mg per dose 

About Kanna:  

Kanna is a succulent found in the deserts of South Africa.

"Historically, Kanna forms part of the traditional practices of South Africa's first people, Khoisan," says clinical psychologist Vicenzo Sinisi, founder of Therapy Route. "The Khoisan populated parts of what is now South Africa even before the African people considered indigenous to the region today did."

Traditionally, it was consumed as a pinch of ground-up fermented plant matter and held under the tongue or chewed before swallowing. Today, it is popular for ingestion as a capsule to maintain a good protocol and stay convenient.

The Western world, and its mental health professionals in particular, are taking an interest in Kanna thanks to its calming and mind-clearing properties, which can work wonders for people dealing with anxiety, and low moods. 

In the brain, Kanna naturally bolsters serotonin reuptake and strengthens the mechanisms of attention and memory, effectively reducing stress, boosting mood, and promoting improved cognitive function.

Kanna is a true sacred plant, having been used in ceremonies for thousands of years by the San and Khoi people.

Today, Kanna is most commonly used recreationally for its euphoric and empathogenic effects, and is used therapeutically for its anxiolytic and neurogenic benefits.


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