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Holy Blend Incense

Holy Blend Incense

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Our branded Holy Blend natural incense sticks are a beautiful blend of frankincense, copal, myrrh, white sage, and palo santo. They are crafted for spatial alchemy, cleansing and clearing within personal and work spaces. 

What makes these sticks particularly distinctive is that the fragrant ingredients are hand-rolled, with a greater thickness for longer burning than traditional incense sticks.

Seasonal and limited availability.


  • Burn for protection, cleansing, and air purification
  • Great for meditation and relaxation
  • Stimulates positive energies


  • Handmade, hand-rolled and hand-packaged
  • Only the finest herbs and resins are used
  • Burn well over an hour (depending on room conditions)

Size:  12 sticks to a pack

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