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Embracing the Light: 7 Day Spring Detox with Abhaijot

Embracing the Light: 7 Day Spring Detox with Abhaijot

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Springtime is a time of renewal that represents our ability to grow and strengthen.

The Liver & Gallbladder, the Organs associated with the Spring harmonics and detoxification, help encourage relaxation and feelings of courage.

Known as a point of equalization, the Spring Equinox is a collective and personal time of energetic rebirth, renewal, and life awakening after the dormant winter months.

The energetic principles of the Spring season are a time to clear stagnation and anger from the physical and energetic bodies and the ability to embrace the light in courage.

As we transition to the Yang, the active outward energy of Spring and Summer, we too are rising and pushing upward and encouraging growth and expansion just like Mother Nature. In Kundalini, this is the upward energy along the 33 chambers of the Spine.

As the days grow longer and sunlight becomes more abundant, there’s a natural shift towards light consciousness.

This not only aligns with the external changes in the season, but a cleanse also encourages an internal shift towards greater awareness.

We invite you to embark on a journey of embracing the Light while aligning with the vibrant energies of this season.

We welcome the dance of renewal and light through a 7-Day Online Spring Kundalini Cleanse that will anchor the light within and rise upward while encouraging growth and harmonious expansion, just like Mother Nature.

You will receive:

    • Seven 60-minutes Daily Organ Cleanse Kundalini Practice 
    • A pre-cleanse protocol
    • a Liver Tonic Recipe to help cleanse the Liver
    • A list of beneficial and nonbeneficial foods while on the cleanse
    • Daily emotional reflection prompts
    • Post-cleanse protocol and integration

Discount code EQUINOX10 for 10% off on products to support the cleanse [valid till June 20, 2024]

This cleanse is available rolling online for the spring season and is pre-recorded with Daily Kundalini Yoga, which focuses on the spring through cleaning and detoxing the liver and gallbladder, nourishing the joints and tendons, and enhancing the nervous system.

Suggested herbs to help enhance the Cleansing Process:

Fat Belly Tonic

Fat Belly Tonic is specially formulated to assist fat breakdown, boost healthy digestion as well as detox and boost metabolism.

Mangosteen Hibiscus Superfood

It purifies and nourishes the blood and cleanses and nourishes the skin while enhancing enzymatic functional and overall digestive balance.

Digestive Bitters 

It supports healthy liver function, relieves heartburn, stimulates detoxing and healthy skin, aids in the absorption of nutrients, helps curb sugar cravings, and promotes overall healthy digestion.

Triphala Quantum Metabolism Elixir

This Synergistic Trio is harvested by hand, organically, and tested to be 100% free of mercury and lead.

Mental Enhancement During Cleanse

Pocket Dream Journal

From our friends at Magic of I, this design workshop creates beautiful journals to track your daydreams and brainstorms and stay aligned with the moon and cosmos.

Bath & Meditation Bundle

This small Meditation bundle is perfect for your intentional rituals. It includes hand-pressed Palo Santo Cylinders and three specially selected Incense ranging from Breu Resin, White Sage, Chacrona Jagube & Palo Santo.

Selenite Crystal

This pristine and elegant crystal is ethereal and connected to the moon's energy. The most potent selenite spheres are translucent and white-speckled with stunning striations. Reminiscent of a pearl, this stone is nicknamed Desert Rose, Maria Glass, and Satin Spar. With many mystical properties, it is one of the most essential crystals for cleansing.

About Abhaijot Kaur

Abhaijot Kaur is a yogini, humanitarian, healer, and Earth steward of the Aquarian age.

She splits her time between her home in the East Village, NYC, and her Waterfarm on Big Island, Hawaii.

Powered by inclusiveness and living in harmony with all sentient beings, she teaches Kundalini worldwide in schools, prisons, teacher training, retreats, and corporate wellness.

A Kundalini Yoga Therapist, Radiant Child Yoga Teacher, Khalsa Way Prenatal Teacher, Holistic Gong Resonance Teacher, Sat Nam Rasayan Healer, and Shamanic Reiki Practitioner with over 20 years experience.

Her activations are loved-based to bridge the worlds and create a sovereign Earth for all.

Please note: The popular spring vitality cleanse will have limited availability this year for preview purposes until the end of spring. We encourage interested customers to experience the revitalizing benefits during this preview period, as our team remains committed to delivering these services with great care and professionalism.

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