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Warrior Shield Incense

Warrior Shield Incense

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These hand-rolled incense are rich with natural plant resins that offer a slow and steady burn. Each stick is delicately infused with ethically sourced Dragon's blood (Daemomorops Draco) and other precious herbs and woods to complement the powerful properties of this ancient revered sap with its vibrant and deep red hue and sweet, warm scent.

Origins and History: Dragon's blood is a rattan palm tree (Dracaena) native to Morocco and the Canary Islands. This bleeding sap spans seven centuries, first recorded in the 15th century. They were historically used to heal wounds and infections and in magic rituals for banishment, manifestation, and even prophecy.

Suggested Ritual: Before using, center yourself and focus on your intention. Light the tip of the incense until ignited, then gently blow the flame out. The incense will glow, unraveling the cleansing smoke and filling your sacred space.


  • Meditation and Healing Rituals
  • Protection, Emotional Balance, Manifestation
  • Honoring Ancestors, Spirits, and Deities

Size: Pack of 12, 10.5" Long Incense Sticks with a thickness double the size of conventional incense. Burning time of 40 minutes (Depending on the room's conditions like wind)

Ingredients: Concentrated Fruit Resin from the palm tree: Daemonorops Draco, Cedarwood, Clove. Hand-packed and Hand-rolled. Ethically Sourced in Brazil.


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