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Chaga Pumpkin Spice

Chaga Pumpkin Spice

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Sacred Chaga mushroom extract is expertly paired with an organic pumpkin spice blend to create an all-purpose addition to your diet. This spice can be used in beverages both hot and cold and added to baked goods, sprinkled on desserts, or used to add flavor to cocktails and other mixed drinks. Sourced only from ethical, wild crafters in Northern Ontario, this Chaga extract can brighten up anything you choose to create. 

Product Benefits/Highlights/Claims: Medicinal mushrooms

Use/Suggested Ritual: Mix into tea, coffee, or cocoa for warm comfort, baked goods for heightened flavor, or cocktails for a creative kick.

Size/Dimensions: 40 grams

Ingredients: cinnamon, cloves, allspice, ginger, nutmeg, mace, chaga mushroom.

All ingredients are either permaculturally grown, ethically wildcrafted or certified organic.

Please review our product disclaimer on medicinal products here.

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