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Cacao Lab

Ceremonial Cacao Tin

Ceremonial Cacao Tin

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From our friends at Cacao Labs, this is the original 100% ceremonial-grade cacao, perfect for any mood or moment. Sourced directly from smallholder farms in the pristine highlands of Manabí, Ecuador, this cacao is made with 100% heirloom beans that have grown on the land for over a century. The beans are farmed using traditional methods and fermented exactingly to develop the exquisite floral and fruit notes that the Arriba Nacional variety is so prized for. They are then toasted at low heat to maintain their nutritional value and impart a satisfying richness. Simply the finest cacao we have ever tasted—we think you’ll agree.

Best For | Daily rituals, cacao ceremonies, coffee replacement

Size: 8 oz.

What is Arriba Nacional Ceremonial Cacao 

Arriba Nacional is the heirloom variety of Ecuadorian Cacao. Known for its delicious floral flavors and pungent aromas, it is but 1% of Ecuador’s Cacao production. This exquisite variety with its complex flavor profile is being replaced by GMO Cacao varieties, which are more homogeneous and higher-yielding but less flavorful and nutritious. Our Cacao is made with what remains of the old-growth Cacao trees still present in the province of Manabí, along the banks of the Portoviejo River.




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