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The Alchemist's Kitchen

CBD Zine

CBD Zine

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Cannabis, like many sacred herbs, has been an ancient form of medicine in indigenous cultures for centuries. Today, Western society is taking a second look at the medicinal benefits of this socially and politically controversial plant, while using advanced technology to provide more scientific research to support greater use and acceptance around the world. 

The Alchemist's Kitchen has been a leading source and destination to learn about the benefits of Cannabis, CBD and the many other cannabinoids present within this sacred plant.

We invite you to approach our zine as an entryway into the world of CBD. This first edition is just the beginning of this remarkable journey and we hope that you gain greater knowledge and comfort around the benefits of Cannabis, and learn more about some herbal allies that partner well with CBD.

There’s still a lot to be learned about this beautiful plant and we are excited to be part of a more cannabis-friendly future.

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