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Lion's Mane Extract Tincture

Catskill Fungi

This Mushroom has been referred to as "Nature's Nutrient for the Neurons" due to the active compounds which may be linked to production of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). Lion's Mane promotes and supports healthy brain function, brain tissue, nerves, and synapses. Historically it has been used to support normal gastrointestinal function.

Suggested Use:  Enjoy two dropperfuls per day with your favorite beverage. 

Ingredients:  Lion's Mane Mushroom, Water, Organic Cane Alcohol.

Meet the Maker:  Catskill Fungi produces the highest quality triple-extracted health tinctures from fungi that are wild-crafted or grown on the Michelotti family farm. They proudly practice sustainable harvesting, leave-no-trace principles, and compassion for the environment. Their aim is to empower people to grow edible mushrooms as a source of fresh food, to heal themselves through utilizing health properties of fungi, and to explore the historical uses and present day innovations of this exceptional kingdom.