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Brittany Curcio produces premium, small-batch digestives, and healing remedies from her forest workshop in rural Oregon. This respiratory relief tincture is formulated to provide anti-viral herbs that assist the lungs to expel irritating toxins and provide protection for the lungs during the colder winter months.  This herbalist and her support team gather herbs and roots from old-growth rainforests located in the Pacific Northwest that form the ingredients for this formulation, aptly named "Breath of the Forest".


🌲 Usnea grows abundantly draped off trees in long wild strands here in our wet rainforests. They are a special lichen that doesn’t grow in polluted areas ~ an indicator of their lung affinity. Coined as the “Lungs of the Forest”, they help the ecosystem clean & purify the air. With antiv*ral properties, and cooling & drying energetics, they help remove respiratory heat, dampness & toxicity. The Usnea used was dual-extracted for full potency. 

🌲 Mullein Leaf, one of the most popularly known respiratory allies for thousands of years; for her ability to work as a lung expectorant. With anti-inflammatories & antioxidants, the Mullein Leaf helps clear the airway & reduce congestion.

🌲 Lungwort Lichen is a beautiful bright green PNW ally that in shape resembles the lungs & only grows in healthy moist old-growth rainforests. They have an affinity for supporting all things lung related & have actually been proven to contain antibi*tic chemicals, helping fight various respiratory ails.

🌲 Elecampane root has a long history of being a deeply potent respiratory herb, with sedative properties, easing various lung ails like coughs & breaking up congestion. Combined with raw honey & these other respiratory herbs, her anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory properties become even more potent.

🌲 Bear Root (Osha) is an immunomodulator lung root that deeply supports our immune system, helping conjure rest while allowing our lungs to expel ills & virrals. A Decongestant with heating and drying energetics that relaxes the respiratory system. 

🌲 Local Raw PNW Honey ~ There are endless benefits to wild raw mountain honey. It is incredible for helping our bodies build up natural immunity towards allergies while also soothing upper respiratory allergy inflammation such as coughs & sore throat.

Size: 1 oz.