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Soul Drops: Sol, Lun, Cosmos

Created by renowned healer and biochemist, Fabian Piorkowsky, using an ancient spagyric process, SOUL DROPS are all-natural, legal, sacred plant microdosing. These unique herbal supplements empower you to feel better, more balanced, energetic, focused, creative, inspired, calm, relaxed, intuitive, and integrated.
Spagyrics are a form of alchemical solution that capture and merge the mind, body and spirit of the plants. This plant essence contains the minerals, salts, essential oils and the traditional medicinal properties. Sacred plant spagyrics work powerfully on the subtle energy body as well as the somatic physical level to offer potent, holistic healing. Because of their strength, spagyrics are taken in microdose form, meaning only one to three drops are needed to receive the full healing benefits.
Check out the following interview with Fabian Piorkowsky from The Alchemist's Kitchen blog: