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Soul Drops

What are Spagyrics?

Spagyric medicine predates homeopathy by two centuries. The former was first coined by the 16th century Renaissance visionary, Paracelsus, who abided by Hippocrates’ dictum, “like cures like,” as well as old-world herbal knowledge from China, Tibet, and India. Paracelsus espoused the principles of alchemy to work with medicine, dividing a plant into three basic parts:

  • Mercury: The water element in which the essence of the plant is carried.
  • Salt: The earth element, and the calcined ashes of the plant.
  • Sulphur: The fire element and the essential oil of the plant.

Why are Soul Drops Good for You?

Soul Drops can be calming & healing, energizing & clarifying, & can even enable subconscious repair, depending on the formula used.

Where To Buy Soul Drops?

You can purchase Soul Drops online at The Alchemist’s Kitchen website, or at any of their retail locations.

Does Soul Drops Get You High?

Most people do not experience an altered state from Soul Drops, but instead feel effects on the subtle energy body.