The Wild Unknown Tarot Set (Deck + Guide)

Made by Kim Krans

Kim Krans is one of the finest illustrators in the world, and her style is beautifully presented in this now Classic Tarot Deck. This Boxed Set features 78 cards and a terrific Tarot Guide filled magical and mystical imagery. Included is the Tarot Deck Guide, which is ideal for aspirational readers, as well as experts. Open your Mind, draw a card, and embrace the power of Tarot. One of our most popular gifts....

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A keepsake box set alive with creative and intuitive energy, these 78 drawings plus 200-page guidebook by Kim Krans awaken the seeker in all of us. The pen-work and watercolor washes bring creatures to life, making the deep esoteric themes of the tarot accessible to all. The guidebook leads us gently toward the wildest unknown…where our most precious wisdom is found.



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