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Botanical Sacred Smoke Blend

Anima Mundi

Sacred Smoke is a blend of relaxing and euphoric herbs known to decongest and clear phlegm from the lungs. If used moderately, smoking medicinal herbs can be a highly effective method to clear bacterial build and assist the sinus (for seasonal allergies). This herbal blend also soothes the body and mind, providing a gentle relaxing energy. Relax. Clear. Breathe.

0.5 oz bag. Does not come with a tin or rolling papers.

Ingredients: Mugwort, Skullcap, Damiana, Rose Petals, Calendula Flowers, Gotu Kola, Cornflowers.

Suggested Use: Roll, smoke, and experience the gentle energy! 

Meet the Maker: Anima Mundi’s roots are within the heart of Costa Rica. They specialize in sourcing directly from native people within Central and South America as well as from small farmers from around the world. Their apothecary contains over 200 different herbs, all sourced from places they admire and respect. This provides a sustainable system, and a direct relationship to the source of botanical alchemy and native wisdom.