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Liquid Hape' Spray

Liquid Hape' Spray

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Liquid Hape´Spray (pronounced rah-pay or Ha-pay ) is an ancestral blend of sacred, medicinal rainforest plants including native tobacco leaves, tree resins, and other plant and herbal ingredients. Used by diverse indigenous tribes native to the Amazon in Colombia, Brazil and Peru. Traditionally Hape’ is taken in powder and blown into the nostrils using a special pipe, made of bamboo or bone. It is quite invasive, generating a strong burning sensation. 

Liquid Hape’ Spray

We have been working closely with a small community of women in Southern Colombia to produce an alternative artisinal formulation, Liquid Hape' Spray. Our proprietary Liquid Hape' Spray is an extraction of plant materials carefully infused and distilled into a liquid aromatherapeutic inhalation featuring a rich sensual scent.

Gunawia:  Symbolizes the Sacred Heart of Indigenous People


 Originally introduced by indigenous Amazonian tribes, the primary intention of Hape’ pronounced (Hapay) is grounding and centering. It is also used for purifying the sinus and respiratory tracts while clearing the related chakra points throughout the body. Notably, It is often felt at the back of the head clearing the crown chakra 

Ingredients:  A blend of plant jungle leaf essences (nicotiana rustica) eucalyptus, ruda, paprika, blended with other native tree resins.


  • Open the palm of the hands.
  • Set a mindful intention to pause, relax, and focus inward.
  • A fine spray is misted onto the palm of each hand.
  • Inhale and Exhale through the nose, repeated three times.

 The Impact:

 The immediate effect of Hape´ is quite immersive. It’s often reported as feeling like a jolt. The eyes may be teary as a release of stress, but not unpleasant or painful. The “afterglow, once you have grounded can last for several hours leaving you feeling rejuvenated with a new appreciation for your life and surroundings.

Size:  30ml - 15ml 

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