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Brittany Maria Curcio

Aphrodisiac Elixir

Aphrodisiac Elixir

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Herbalist Brittany Curio makes small-batch potions and tinctures that originate with seasonally gathered ingredients from the forests of the Pacific Northwest. 

This elixir was formulated to explore our sensuality and serve as an herbal ally seeking communion between what inspires primal arousal, and a spirit desiring affection and play.  Brittany calls this Elixir, "Into the Underworld" a world beyond the veil where we journey to confront our shadows, and where our intentions are focused on liberating a reset for a birth of creativity, and sensual bliss.

The flavor of this Elixir is primal & complex, reflective of the dynamic medicine & Wild spirit of these sacred allies, acrid yet sweetened with the gentle softness of Damiana & Black Cottonwood, and then infused with raw honey from the PNW

 Use and Dosage:

Take four to six drops under the tongue, close your eyes, and hold there for 20 to 30 seconds with a calm relaxed mind. Use as necessary to support your intentions.

Ingredients:  Wormwood, Mugwort, Damiana, Star Anise, Black Cottonwood & Raw honey. These allies are here to help us dream & conjure ~ when we’re in an erotic/euphoric state, our defenses are down & we can more easily travel through the realms.

🌚 Mugwort & Wormwood ~ they are thought of as psychoactive sisters of the Moonlight & keepers of the mysterious feminine. Combined they enhance each other's magic. Mugwort is one of the most important ritual plants of Germanic peoples. Her powers to summon vivid, prophetic dreaming is unparalleled. Her element is Earth; protective & grounding, she roots us while allowing us to travel beyond the veil. She’s heavily used in scrying practices & ancestral communing ceremonies. She’s known to have an affinity with the womb with her ability to increase lustful desires, and fertility & help regulate cycles, making her an incredible ally for Moontime Journeying. 

🌚  Her Wild sister, Wormwood ~ “Old Woman” holds a fiery energy that rings true in her strong aromatics & harsh acrid flavor. She’s powerful, one of the oldest plants known, also protective in nature, calling forth the spirits, conjuring deep love & enhancing psychic visions. She has a deep relation with Hecate & Hel ~ goddesses of the Underworld. She is also a sister of the Moon with her affinity for the womb. Her guidance in divination, clairvoyance & journeying helps stimulate creativity with deep lustful passion. 

🌚 Damiana ~ is a potent aphrodisiac. She’s an ancient erotic herb knowing to bring upon bright visions with her ability to pull us out from darkness. She enhances libido while uplifting & tonifying the mind. She helps open the dark parts so we can process trauma & stuck grief. She conjures a sense of strength & courage for vulnerability, helping restore a passion for life while physically & spiritually stimulating desires. 

🌚 Star Anise ~ is a magical ally known for associations with fertility & the Underworld, for love & protection. She’s thought of as a ‘psychic shield’ that helps enhance psychic abilities, dreaming & divination with access to the spirit world. She’s incredibly powerful in flavor with a sweetness that works well with Cottonwood honey to balance the bitter acrid flavor of Artemesia.

In Indigenous & European folklore, Cottonwood is a sacred tree of the Underworld, her blood red stinky buds ground us while relieving tension & pain. Conjured under the Full and dark Moons of Summer and winter.

🌚 Black Cottonwood ~ (Populus) translates to “people’s tree” - she is prolific here in the PNW & comes with a lot of Indigenous lore. She’s considered the Tree of Life by tribes who held community ceremonies of prayer, dance & offerings in a circle around young Black Cottonwoods ~ making medicine with her leaves, bark & resinous buds. She’s known as a deeply protective tree, which also grows in Southern and central parts of Europe. They consider her a bridge between the worlds, of light and dark, life and death. She’s a sacred tree of the Underworld, to Persephone & Hecate. Cottonwood is a powerful pain healer. Her sweet vanilla-scented buds are an aphrodisiac; conjuring feelings of sensuality and deep passion. Her resinous buds bleed a beautiful sticky red resin full of Salicylic Acid which is as erotic as they are extremely pain-reliving. She enhances the other herbs in this formula with her similar magical connections & medicinal properties. She’s anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial, helping relieve menstrual cramps, sprains, muscle/nerve spasms & so much more. 

*As always, no essential oils, no preservatives, no additives, no fragrances.

Recommended dosage instructions are on the bottle

Size:  2 oz. 



***Please consult with a healthcare professional if you have a serious medical condition or concerns about contraindications in regards to medications you are currently taking. Please do your own research and consultations before using any offering.***

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