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Goddess Standing Candle with Glass Base

Goddess Standing Candle with Glass Base

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A serene and sensual figure stands with her hands in prayer position. She embodies many aspects of the divine feminine. Light this candle to connect more deeply with your intuition, promote creativity and feel more grounded in nature. Allow the magic to manifest.  

Suggested Use: For proper burning, trim wick to 3/8" before burning each time. Keep burning candles away from drafts and keep the wick centered. Burn candles only in a fireproof container and never leave unattended. 

A glass base is included with this candle. To remove residual wax from glass container, place container in freezer overnight and then gently tap upside down to remove old wax. Use caution to not break the votive glass. Or, place votive container in an old pie tin in your oven at 175* until wax is melted. Use caution to not burn yourself.

Ingredients: 100% Bees Wax made in the USA.  No lead or metal wick is used in these candles, only cotton.

Meet The Maker: Christine Barth is the founder and president of Beeswax Candle Works based in Cottage Grove, OR. This company grew out of Christine's passion for beekeeping. 

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