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WolfWalker Collection

California White Sage Tulip 3.5''

California White Sage Tulip 3.5''

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The practice of traditional burning and cleansing is done throughout many cultures. Sage (Salvia Apiana) is a native, indigenous and mostly overharvested and endangered plant used by Indigenous North America. This local wildcrafted and fair trade sage is harvested in California with a sweeter burning smell than grey sage or desert sage. 

Sage clears away energy and is used for spiritual ceremonies, cleansing space and clearing away past energetic presence. We encourage you to use sage responsibly and with the intention to respect the energy and history of the plant.

Suggested Use: Use when energy is stagnant or needing to be cleared in the space or on yourself. Excellent to cleanse for rituals like divination as well as meditation, yoga and other practices. Do not leave burning sage unattended. Do not use sage irresponsibly, respect its history.

Size: 3.5 inches

Meet the maker: Wolf Walker Collection is a small women-owned business located in  New Mexico. All sacred herbs and oils are grown and harvested by Indigenous American members of the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico. They are a green business that practices sustainable harvesting practices and use only biodegradable or recyclable paper. With over 20 years of experience with healing medicine Wendy Whiteman, the founder of Wold Walker Collection published two books and continues to honor and respect the plant kingdom through responsible harvesting, fair trade and pay for her workers and through gratitude and intention.


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