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Intimacy Breast Oil

Intimacy Breast Oil

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Made with nourishing organic botanicals for supporting breast health, like Yarrow, Frankincense, Violet, & Pine, this easy and loving multi-botanical oil will increase your awareness & connection to your breasts while supporting your well-being.  More than ever, it's time to get intimate and more connected with your breasts. 

Breasts are an important part of whole-body wellness, uniquely connected to pleasure and health.

Each ingredient in this oil has been scientifically studied and historically used to support well-being for this part of your body. Breast oil inspires an easy and loving ritual of sensual connection and self-touch with your body.


Breast oil can be used any time of day, and as frequently as you like. It’s easy to fold into your daily self-care routine - especially nourishing after a shower or a bath.  Put a dropper full or more into your hands or directly onto your chest. Gently massage breasts in a circular motion. Repeat as needed. 

 Ingredients:  Organic MCT Coconut Oil with Organic Botanical Infusions (Calendula, Yarrow, Violet Leaf, Dandelion Leaf), Organic Castor Oil, and Organic Essential Oil Blend (Pine, Orange, Lavender, Frankincense). CBD-free

 Size:  60ml

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