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Our Herbalists

Our team is here to help you get the right item for your needs. Learn more about our wonderful Herbalist's below, or hit the button if you would like Ito speak with them.

Jason Erdan, Herbalist

Jason is a clinical herbalist who completed his certification in Traditional Chinese Medicine from The Institute of Herbal Medicine and Nutrition. His educational background is in both Western and Eastern Herbalism, Botany, Psychology, Chemistry and Food Science. Additionally, Jason has his Certification in Mental Health Integrative Medicine(CMHIMP).

He has many years experience consulting for a number of healthcare professionals, including physicians in order to assist clients with a number of ailments. His focus is to provide relief of issues such as chronic pain, irritable bowl syndrome, anxiety, insomnia, chemotherapy recovery, weight loss/gain, side effects from medications, and cognitive enhancement. Jason’s approach is one that incorporates the mind and the body. This is accomplished through the use of botanical formulas, amino acids, vitamins, nutritional adjustments, and life style changes in order to bring the body and the mind back to a state of homeostasis.

Jason considers drinking tea a religion and believes firmly that “there is a tea for every ailment and there is a food for every mood.”

Arielle Hayat, Herbalist

Arielle Hayat, Herbalist

Arielle is a clinical herbalist with a completed foundation course from herbal college, Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism.

Arielle teaches workshops, consults on botanical medicine, and is an herbal student. Her education in natural plant medicine weaves the methodologies of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Native American and European herbalism, and The Wise Woman tradition to nourish the mind, body and soul.

Arielle’s specialty lies in protocols for helping the body adapt to stress, healing mental wounds caused by the affects of tension and anxiety. She also sees clients with issues related to chronic pain, gut/ digestion, adrenals, inflammation, hormones, and autoimmune. Through their work together, Arielle's clients rediscover their inner peace, and experience profound emotional and physical transformation.

Ana Lygia, Herbalist

Ana Lygia, Herbalist

Ana is a clinical herbalist with a background in visual arts, who graduated from a three-year program at ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism in Manhattan. Drawing from her own heritage, Ayurveda and TCM, among other healing rituals– Ana’s intention is to help her clients move into balance, as well as support community wellness.

She has a particular interest in the nervous system and soothing imbalances of the heart– including grief, addictions, anxiety, and the repercussions of chronic stress.

She has helped clients navigate their digestive distress, sleep issues, immune dysregulation (allergies, autoimmune), musculoskeletal pain (including fibromyalgia), hormonal imbalances, and more with herbal remedies rooted in daily self-care.

Maeve Carver, Herbalist

Maeve Carver, Herbalist

Maeve is a graduate of ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism, a three year clinical herbalism program in New York City. She is a practicing herbalist, educator, activist, nurse-in-training, and founding member of the herbalist collective Herbal Underground.

Her practice is rooted in empowerment through the reclamation of knowledge - healing is much more than a function of the body. As we become aware of and comfortable with our own health narratives, we can begin to respond to physical and emotional stressors differently.

Maeve uses her diverse health education as well as skills she has developed from teaching, mentoring, and community organizing to remain an anchor and guide throughout your own health conversation. She has worked with chronic and acute digestive imbalances (including chrones, sibo, IBS, ulcers), menstruation and PMS imbalances, other hormonal imbalances, skin imbalances ranging from recurring rashes to acne to psoriasis, allergies, herpes outbreaks, thyroid conditions, autoimmune imbalances, and more.

Kathryn (Kate) Moxham, Herbalist

Katie is a clinical herbalist who has been studying at David Winston’s Center for Herbal Studies since 2016, and in addition has completed multiple programs at the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. She is currently participating in the Two-year clinical mentorship for the American Herbalist Guild with Healthy Living Acupuncture in Princeton, NJ. Her general approach to herbalism is deeply rooted in science, stemming from her degree in Biology.

Katie is the founder of Cultivating Roots LLC, a small-scale herb farm and apothecary based out of Titusville, NJ, and is the coordinator of the Herbalists Without Borders Garden State Chapter. She is passionate about combining her knowledge of Western Herbal Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine with her experience in farming and medicine-making to help individuals incorporate herbs into their daily lives to achieve optimal health, balance and emotional well-being.

Her clinical practice includes helping people address root causes of imbalance concerning the nervous system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory and immune system, endocrine system, and female reproductive system.

Rachelle Robinett, Herbalist

Rachelle Robinett, Herbalist

Rachelle Robinett is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Herbalist, and Founder of Supernatural - a company dedicated to plant-based real-world wellness. Rachelle combines her knowledge of herbal and traditional medicine, plant–based nutrition, and habit remodeling into holistic solutions for individuals seeking best-being in their bodies and minds. Rachelle maintains a private coaching practice in New York, and recently launched HRBLS: herbal remedy gummies for stress and anxiety relief. Otherwise, she can be found publishing, teaching, speaking, advising for wellness companies, or exploring plants in far-away places.

“I am inspired to understand as much about the human experience as one can in one life, and to translate that learning into practices that we can all use to be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. Plants are our food. Food is our medicine. Nature is our source of life. Let us live with it.”

Micaela Foley, Herbalist

Micaela Foley, Herbalist

Micaela is a practicing herbalist with an educational background in Western herbalism, alchemy, and medical astrology. Recently, she completed the foundation course from herbal college, ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism.

She previously completed a year-long online course on alchemy and astrological herbalism with The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Her healing protocols take a practical, creative approach to acute and chronic health issues—especially autoimmune and inflammatory disorders—and involve simple but effectively mapped plans for diet and lifestyle, techniques and support for emotional well-being, and custom blends.

Micaela offers each client a completely unique experience, and empowers them with a basic understanding of herbal medicine and energetics so that they can continue to heal themselves.

Micaela is currently on sabbatical.