Our Story

The Alchemist's Kitchen is dedicated to connecting you with the power of plants. We work with the finest herbalists who are producing high quality botanical medicines, herbal remedies, and whole plant beauty products. We celebrate artisanship, sustainability, and conscious living. We look to support the global need to increase plant diversity, and the sharing of ancient wisdom from indigenous cultures.

We believe strongly in the education and instruction on the use of all whole plant formulations and herbal remedies. We consider our suppliers part of our extended family, creating one chain of supply from seed to tincture. We work closely with teachers and botanical experts, many of whom are our suppliers, to educate and inform our community.

Our Philosophy

A growing movement of conscious consumption and contemporary herbalism is underway. We believe in building awareness around the impact of purchasing decisions on our planet and our bodies. We support holistic health practices while caring for the world we live in, and educate on what it means to create a lifestyle around wellness that is environmentally and ethically responsible.

The Alchemist Kitchen offers products from highly vetted brands that meet unparalleled standards for sustainable practices and social commitment. We present a seasonally changing selection of botanical offerings with an eye to quality, purpose and utility, and support small farm-based operations wherever possible.


The Alchemist's Kitchen Story

Our Makers + Community

The inventive makers of our herbal and botanical products are mostly small farm-based facilities operating across the United States - from Vermont, to the mid-coast of Maine, to Colorado, and the Pacific Northwest. Many of our makers specialize in one or two distinctive offerings, which we are excited to make available for our community all over the world to discover and experience.

We host online webinars, courses and in-store events to help members of our community learn about product health benefits, origins, production processes, and how to incorporate them into their daily wellness regimens. Find out more here.



The Alchemist's Kitchen Philosophy

Our Roots

The Alchemist’s Kitchen is part of Evolver, a hub for the global transformational community.

Evolver presents online learning through the Evolver Learning Lab, and publishes the online magazine Reality Sandwich. You can follow Evolver on Facebook here.

The Alchemist's Kitchen also founded The Bowery Cannabis Club, which is dedicated to connect, educate and serve the international community that is awakening to the healing power of cannabis. Learn more here.