Fired Tub Soaking Salts & Black Tourmaline

Made by Plantfolk

This is a purifying blend of mineral salts for soaking and creating a sacred bathing experience. The salts are blended with the addition of activated charcoal, black lava salt, locally wildcrafted pinyon, and alder-smoked sea salt. From our good friends in New Mexico at Plantfolk. Inspired by the healing waters of an outdoor wood fired cedar tub.

Includes one piece of black tourmaline, sizing may vary.

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Coarse Pacific Sea Salt, Hawaiian Black Lava Salt, Celtic Sea Salt, Alder-Smoked Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Wild-Harvested Piñon Resin, and essential oils.
Recommended Use
Add a few tablespoons to the bath and soak as long as you like.


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