Wake Up Call Caffeine Eye Treatment

Made by Cattail Apothecary
Matcha powder and guayusa leaf provide a kicked up caffeine and antioxidant boost for your skin! 

Antioxidants attack and eliminate free radicals which are responsible for causing the signs of premature skin aging: wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of elasticity. Dark circles can be caused by a variety of factors such as dehydration, allergies, lack of sleep or genetics. While caffeine certainly cannot cure hereditary dark circles, its anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the puffiness and inflammation associated with dark circles as well as constricting blood vessels and reducing the accumulation of blood under your eyes which contribute to dark shadows and redness. Along with smoothing the puffiness, caffeine absorbed into the skin can tighten and firm, helping to lesson the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye.

Ingredients: Organic argan oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic matcha, organic guayusa, organic rosehip seed oil, organic jojoba oil, organic non-gmo soy vitamin e oil, organic peppermint essential oil, cypress essential oil.
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Invitation for Use

Rub a small amount between fingertips until melted, gently apply to the eye area, pat into skin using fingertip, do not rub. This is a rather thick balm that will take some time to absorb so it is best to add it to your evening routine. The oils are non-comedogenic, so they will not clog your pores, but they will be a bit shiny for a bit while they sink in.

Packaged in 1 oz clear GLASS jar with black lid.


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