Divine Yoni Steam

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Don’t be shy...We know you have questions. All you need to know is that divine vagina of yours could probably use a little extra nourishment and warmth. This Yoni Steam is used as a ritual to gently soothe, release stagnation and give you some sacred time to care for your power flower. Trust us, it feels amazing!  

The Maker, Urban Moonshine are good friends and one of our favorite sources for quality organic herbal remedies and botanical medicines.


  1. Warming and supportive
  2. Gently soothe & release stagnation
  3. Tone, soften, and rejuvenate
  4. Support a vibrant power flower

Invitation for Use

Bring 8-16 cups of water to a simmer. Add a quarter cup of herbal steam, cover the pot and let sit for ten minutes. Add cool water as needed to offset heat until comfortable. Roll towels and lay over edges of your pot. Sit and steam. As with any steam, please use caution with the heat. Not to be used during pregnancy, menstruation or if you think you are pregnant. 

Size: 0.7 oz

Uses: 4 steams per container


Organic Calendula Flowers; Org. Motherwort Leaves and Flowers; Org. Raspberry Leaves; Org. Rose Flowers; Org. Yarrow Leaves and Flowers; Org. Mugwort Leaves and Flowers; Org. Rosemary Leaves.

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