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Royal Cinnamon

Burlap and Barrel

This regal and affectionately nicknamed Royal Cinnamon (Cinnamomum loureiroi) is harvested in the Quang Nam mountains around the ancient Vietnamese capital city of Huế. Harvested by locals for millennia this heirloom varietal is the sister of the more widely known Saigon cinnamon. Though not widely harvested or exported it exemplifies the intense sweetness and spiciness prized throughout Vietnam. With a myriad of health benefits such as Antioxidant boosting, Anti-bacterial and anti-viral healing, blood sugar regulation, and antispasmodic properties this powerhouse will become a pantry staple. Flavorful notes of buckwheat honey browned butter and citrus peels.

The Alchemist Kitchen is proud to collaborate and partner with Burlap and Barrel to increase awareness in single-origin spices for both flavor and medicine. Join us on this beautiful spice journey of magnificent and often rare spices.

How to Use:  Replace where you would other cinnamons in pastries and baked goods, or sprinkle into rich, savory meat or tomato-based dishes. Add to hot water for a luxurious cinnamon tea with a non-dairy milk.

Pairs well with:  New Harvest Turmeric, Cloud Forest Cardamom

Meet the Farmer:  Using a lesser-known technique for harvesting the cinnamon bark, with a deep cut to the base of the tree the bark is left to dry in the sun naturally for weeks before harvest. This gives a higher concentration of essential oil to avoid the bark over-drying in the sun giving it a rich fragrance and more nutritional benefits!

Meet the Maker:  Burlap and Barrel are a NYC local company that pride themselves in harvesting sustainably and offering fair pay and to their farmers, harvesters, and growers. They are pioneers in the single-origin herbs and spices game.