Plant Alchemy Wild Mugwort Topical Oil

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This wildcrafted Mugwort Oil is produced under the stewardship of herbalist Suzanne Elliot, based in Half Moon Bay, California. The tincture is wonderful for topical use on sore muscles, and stimulation of blood circulation. In traditional folk medicine it enjoys a reputation as a magical plant, when massaged between the eyebrows, on the third eye, and the temples to induce lucid dreaming and psychic dreamwork.

Ingredients: Hand-gathered Wild Mugwort and gently steeped in organic sunflower oil.

Size:  2 oz.


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California Mugwort (Artemisia Douglasiana) a native plant thoughtfully harvested from the open landscapes in Southern California.  Fresh leaves are carefully infused in organic sunflower oil, hand-filtered, and bottled. 2 oz bottle. 


The traditional health benefits of this wildcrafted topical Mugwort Oil include massaging into sore muscles and bruises to aid in blood flow and improve circulation. With its long history in folk medicine as a magical plant, Mugwort is said to induce prophetic dreams when slightly rubbed between the eye brows, on the third eye and center of the forehead before sleep. Due to its soothing and relaxing effects, Mugwort has been used to calm panic attacks. Some cases of women with blocked menstruation have had success restarting their cycles using an oil of Mugwort. Few herbs have had more uses in magic and ritual protection in European folklore than Mugwort. It is perhaps best known for inhalation and is used by shamans for lucid dreaming. Throughout Europe, Mugwort has been deeply connected to magical protection, dreamwork, and divination. 


Recommended Use
Massage sparingly into areas of muscle soreness, and apply gently with intention on the center of forehead, between eyebrows, and third eye before bedtime.


Our tincture is crafted under the watchful stewardship of Suzanne Elliot in Southern California. Produced seasonally in small batches. 


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