What is Alchemy?

The Alchemist's Kitchen

Alchemy is an esoteric proto-science, an early form of chemistry from medieval times that explored the nature of substances. Its primary concern was converting base metals into gold, but it was also concerned with spiritual transformation, a panacea that could cure all, and the nature of the cosmos. Alchemical gold can be literal gold, but it can also be spiritual enlightenment. The most well known aim of alchemy is the legendary “philosopher’s stone,” a substance that could transmute base metals into gold or silver, and serve as an “elixir of life,” used to rejuvenate and achieve immortality. 

Alchemy is not a thing of the past. Many today are using the principles of alchemy to create potent substances that can transform mind, body, and soul. 

Fabian Piorkowsky, a renowned healer who has 30 years experience working with sacred plant healing and an extensive background in biochemistry, prepared plant medicine spagyrics, a kind of herbal medicine based on alchemical principles that divides that plant in three essential elements and then recombines them into a water-based solvent. According to Piorkowsky, you can use these spagyrics to “microdose” with plant medicines like ayahuasca, san pedro, and ibogaine. Learn more about spagyrics here.

Another substance derived from alchemical processes are the “metallic alchemy” oils produced by Kymia Arts, a line of oils extracted from different metals like gold and silver. According to Kymia, the metallic realm was believed to possess the highest form of medicine throughout the earthly realms, and possess miraculous medicinal qualities. Learn more about metallic oil here. 

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