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May Chill Bundle

Plant Alchemy

And so as we enter the month of May, we put together this bundle for self-care and gifting to family and friends. It features a trio of favorites which may help to restore, relax, and replenish your mind, body, and spirit.

Zen Nootropic Supplement Mushroom with CBD

Nootropics are developed to improve cognitive function. This Cured Zen nootropic supplement is specially formulated with soothing ingredients intended to be an aid for restful sleep and herbs beneficial to longevity and cerebrum health. This night-time formula may become a companion for you daily effort to rest the mind, body and spirit.

Unwind CBD Bath Bomb - 50 mg

Our Plant Alchemy CBD Unwind Bath Bomb is the perfect remedy for a long day watching the kids, conference calls, and coping with these unprecedented times.

Simply fill up a bathtub with hot water, drop in one Bath Bomb, soak up its healing wonders and relaxing lavender scent.

Sea Salt CBD Dark Chocolate Bar - 60 mg

Plant Alchemy collaborated with Elements Truffles to bring you the highest quality dark chocolate infused with the highest quality CBD.

Our recipe contains 70% raw cacao and each bar is sprinkled with sea salt, for a decadent and a delicious treat inspired by Ayurvedic culinary healing and cooking traditions.

Normally $82 - Bundle Price $70 (15% Off)