Madera Sustainable Palo Santo Wood

Made by Madera

Palo Santo continues to experience growing demand and popularity. However, sourcing sustainably is vital to protecting the trees and the environment where they grow. Madera sources the finest Palo Santo wood in Columbia. The selection of woods have been safely cultivated and are the finest quality in the world. Each bundle is packaged in a beautiful recycled kraft paper tube that helps retain the fragrance and freshness of the wood. Each unit contains about 3 ounces of palo santo, which is cut into approximately seven 5-inch long sticks - the perfect size for burning.

  • about 3 ounces (approx. 7 sticks)

  • sticks are 4.5 inches tall

  • packaged in recycled kraft paper tube

  • 5" high x 2.5" wide

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